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Trace Location

TraceOur Receivables Team is supported by our Trace Location Team. We employ tracing staff, automated location software, and even private investigators to supplement our receivables team and locate individuals and assets when negotiation or communication has failed. When a file is located, it is returned to our Receivables Team for further activity and follow-up.

The automated locate program we use compares information from both credit bureaus (Trans Union and Equifax), Canada Post's NCOA (National Change of Address) database, our existing database of over 500,000 consumers in Canada, and other database resources such as telephone and utility service providers. This is a live program that is constantly reviewing all listed accounts with our firm, and should a match for information appear, a file that may have been marked previously unable to locate will be reactivated immediately.

Our office also provides skip-tracing services independent of our Receivables Team for our clientele that require assistance in locating individuals for review, resale, or repossession.

For further information, please contact our office at 1-888-908-3151.