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Our Team

Our TeamWe are not a faceless company - we would not be where we are today without every one of our team.  Our company does not have cubicles, high staff turnover, or untrained people - it would be our pleasure to have our clients speak to any member of our company to see our dedication and skill.

Whether you would like to reach out and contact one of our staff, or learn more about the people about our company, here are some of our team members and their areas of responsibility.

Blair DeMarco-Wettlaufer - COO, Consumer Ombudsmen
Aimee Noonan - Receivables Manager
Cheryl Fraser - Landlord-Tenant Affairs, Client Support
Rick Cowie - Client Outreach Manager
Desiree Kern - Client Outreach Manager, Special Projects
Chris Dobosh - Commercial Strategy Manager
Jennifer Robb - Receivables Manager
Meaghan Rahn  - Receivables & Outreach Manager
Patricia Addis - Receivables Manager
Patricia Ladkin - Credit Reporting Review & Compliance
Rachel Simmons - Paramedical Recoveries, Energy Home Services Recoveries
Amanda Kurpis - Administrative Manager
Tracey Turner - Commercial and Pre-Litigation Collections