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Anytime Fitness Collections

anytime-fitness-logoWe are proud to have Kingston Data and Credit work with Anytime Fitness as a preferred vendor!

We know most consumers who end up with a fitness debt are stable consumers who value their credit rating – they have disposable income, and as such often use credit to maintain their standard of living, purchasing houses, cars, or seeking credit for large purchases.  These consumers, if they understand the ramifications of credit reporting, often want to resolve their accounts to avoid a negative rating on their bureau.  However, often the consumer does not understand that by joining a gym or club, they may have a financial obligation for a year or more of monthly membership fees, along with a cancellation or late fee.  There are a significant segment of consumers that are challenged to understand their financial obligation.  We're happy to say working with these former members, we've recovered over a million dollars for Anytime Fitness, and reinstated hundreds of members who wanted to resolve their past due balance and get back in the club!

Our contingency rate for Anytime Fitness files listed in collections with our company is 28% on amounts paid, and never subject to increase.  We do not use restrictive contracts or charge hidden fees.  To sign up with Kingston Data and Credit, all you have to do is phone one of our team members dedicated to Anytime Fitness, or email one of the attached assignment sheets to afteam@kingstondc.com.

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-908-7743.

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For more information, email us at support@kingstondc.com or call us at 1-855-863-4401.